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Srose Publishing Company

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About Srose

Srose Publishing Company was founded in 1979 by Sylvia Rose, its principal songwriter and CEO. Its original design and purpose was to serve strictly as a music publisher for the gospel and inspirational music written by Ms. Rose. At that time, she had written only a few songs, but they were so well received and the demand to record them was such that she moved very quickly to take steps to ensure that her material was copyrighted and fully protected under the law.  The very first songs published by Srose were those written in 1978 for the Southwestern Christian College ensemble, Sylvia’s Spiritualaires: Looking For A Savior and We’ve Been Saved By The Grace of God.


From those early years until the present, hundreds of songs now make up the catalog, most of which have been written by Ms. Rose.  A partial list is contained here: Srose Publishing Catalog. Over the years these songs have seen widespread use as they have been recorded by groups from various religious denominations (Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Church of the Brethren) and at different levels: colleges, community groups, churches and soloists in several different countries.  Music from the Srose catalog has been featured in the movie, Turn Around and in the VH1 tribute to Brandy Norwood. A musical drama written by Sylvia Rose in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also features all original music from the Srose Catalog. Srose Publishing also claims a first by an African American in the publishing and print of a hymnal of fifty original songs for worship (Songs of Faith); music that has been licensed for use across the world.


Srose Publishing Co. Inc. is an affiliate of Broadcast Music Inc. ( and is also represented by the Harry Fox Agency of New York ( Many of its songs are also covered by the Christian Copyright Licensing Incorporation (CCLI) for worship in churches throughout the world.

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