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Licenses and Permits

Do you, your church, school or community group desire to record or print music from the Srose Publishing Catalog?  Printing and recording music without the proper permission to do so is an infringement of the rights of the writer and copyright owner of the music and a violation of the copyright laws of this land.  Srose Publishing Company would like to assist you with your recording in a manner that is both legal and helpful to you as well.  Before you make that recording or print out that music, there are some things that you must do.  It’s easy as 1-2-3!


1.)  Contact the office of Srose Publishing Company, either by e-mail or phone, (248-208-7073) and make a request to use the song that you desire.  If you desire to record, then we will send to you a mechanical license. This license grants you permission to record the song of your request provided you pay royalties to the publishing company. Our mechanical royalty rate is the current established rate by Congress for each song per unit manufactured. We will notify you of that when you request your license. When you contact us, please provide us with the following: a.) Title of song  b.) name of person or group recording  c.) Title of musical project, CD, or DVD d.) Recording Label and e.) CD/DVD number (if applicable). We will then promptly send you a mechanical license (by email or USPS). Print and Sync Licenses should also be requested for use of songs that will be printed or used online as downloads.

2.)  When the license is sent to you, please read it carefully, sign it and return it to the office by mail or e-mail.  We will then send you a signed copy for your files. 

3.)  Make payment to Srose Publishing Company by check, PayPal or other means as agreed upon by both parties.


For special occasions we will issue you a Temporary Use Permit that will allow you to print a copy of a song for a limited period of time.  The rate for a temporary use permit from our office varies on the use of the music and the quantity of songs being printed.


Please note:  any unauthorized copying or recording of music published by Srose Publishing Company or Great Heritage Publishing (whether song book, sheet music, cassette, DVD, MP3, video soundtrack or CD form) is strictly prohibited!

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