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Sylvia Rose - Founder and Owner


A former educator and school administrator at both the college and elementary levels, Sylvia Rose has a varied experience in public, private and charter schools that speaks to her love of teaching and her skill to motivate others toward achievement, excellence and success.



From workshops and seminars to conferences and churches, Sylvia has exhibited communication skills that have had her in demand.  A traveler and speaker in some 30 states throughout the country, she has demonstrated herself to be a gifted trainer and communicator.



As a prolific writer, Sylvia has written a wide variety of poetry, magazine articles, dramatic readings, a musical drama and several manuscripts.  As a published writer, she is the author of A Guide To Effective Choral Singing, and has articles appearing in The Secret Place - a devotional book for daily worship. More recently, she authored a book Rise Up – A Call to Leadership for African American Women.  As an essayist, she writes on the relevant things that speak to the issues of the times and those that relate to African Americans and women in particular.



The composer of nearly three hundred songs, Sylvia has written and produced Christian music for over 40 years.  To her credit is a hymnal entitled, Songs of Faith, an internationally accepted work that marked a premier achievement for African American composers.  Her songs can be found on recordings by churches, schools and community groups.  They have also been licensed to and included in other music books and hymnals as well.  A producer of at least a dozen recordings, she is most known as a songwriter with an ability to tap both the hearts of God and man.

Music Publisher

As the owner of two music publishing companies, Srose Publishing Co., Inc. (BMI) and Great Heritage Publishing (ASCAP), she oversees the copyrights and licensing of some three hundred and fifty songs.  


A Life in Ministry

A lover of God and a true worshiper, Sylvia has yielded herself to the work and call of God upon her life.  In 1997, she founded Great Heritage Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization based on a God-inspired vision that completely enfolds all of her gifts, talents and skills in a manifold ministry that is designed toward the uplifting, enrichment and benefit of others.  An ordained minister and former hospital chaplain, God has so rested upon her... the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. (Isa. 11:2)  


Sylvia resides in Detroit, MI and can be reached by contacting her through Srose Publishing Company or by e-mail:


Oh that He gave me a song, A melody to carry me along. A hymn in the night, a tune for the fight, a lyric that will keep me strong. I can hum when I don't know the words; I'll rock when I'm feeling disturbed. In harmony or alone - singing it right or sometimes wrong, I thank God that He gave me a song! (c) Sylvia Rose 2020

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