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Holy Spirit

I came to know God at an early age (11) and have always been an involved Christian, faithfully attending church and teaching Bible school to other children, even when I was but a child myself.  I loved God and I loved church.  But there was something missing in me and I didn't even really understand what it was.  There was a scripture that was very familiar to me that was ofter quoted to explain the manner of singing in the church that I attended:  Ephesians 5:19:

                             "speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
                             singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord"

but I had never noticed the verse right before it (18) that said "be filled with the Spirit."

I had never before that time remembered any teaching that I had received on the Holy Spirit and what it meant to be filled with the Spirit.  But I contemplated what it might mean and pondered it in my heart.

One day, as I was walking in a park, I began to seek this indwelling and just began to talk out loud, "Holy Spirit dwell in me - touch my eyes that I might see (understand) who you are and what it would mean to have you in my life."  After my walk I went home and with the written Word, sat at my piano and wrote the song "Holy Spirit" building on the words that I had prayed earlier that morning at the park.

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